Titiya Plucksataporn

Top Thai Golfer & LET Tournament Professional

“ I have personally known Ian for eight years when he was coaching on the Ladies European Tour. The players had a great deal of respect for him and although I never actually worked with Ian myself I did know many of the players he worked with and saw the significant difference he made with them.

When I was drawn in groups with players Ian was coaching he would often walk around and watch them play. He always showed a keen interest in my game and when on Tour he was respectful enough never to comment on anything to anyone unless he was otherwise asked however he would always ask how you were doing.

For someone that has achieved so much success with players on a Worldwide stage  he still remains an incredibly modest and approachable person.  I would have to say that if you are serious about becoming a tournament professional then you really couldn’t find a better coach with more technical knowledge and experience to work with than Ian.”