Marcus Menara

NZ Senior Touring Professional

I have worked a bit with Marcus now over the last fifteen months or so. He is a quality ball striker and it strikes me that he can hit the ball with any kind of movement. In many respects this is quite impressive however at the same time quite dangerous.


He has a lot of knowledge and many of our lessons are in depth discussions about how I explain it, how he feels it and how I repeat it back to him on our common understanding.

I really enjoy teaching a player that has so much talent that he can almost instantly do what you want him to do, he is actually really that good. One advantage Marcus has over many other players I work with is that he can genuinely control ball flight without changing ball position, something I have only seen a player I coached, called David Addison do better then Marcus.

Finally the thing that I enjoy about Marcus the most is that he really actually challenges me (not in the argumentative sense). He asks some brilliant questions and I have to use all my skills and knowledge base to answer him and keep him on track.

He recently paid me the ultimate compliment of saying my eyes were as good as Trackman 4, as the TM4 numbers perfectly backed up what I had been telling him for 15 months, high praise indeed.