Ed Fenwick

EGTF Teaching Professional

Ian is a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of the game including putting, short game, swing, tips & tricks from the tour and even the makeup of a club or shaft, to name a few. As a professional myself I have always come out of a session having learned at least 3-5 new concepts that are thoroughly explained with past examples and proof to back them up.

Ian is open and progressive which for me are qualities that are often lacking in our industry. He uniquely blends his knowledge and combines with Trackman 4 and 3D bio systems which only serve to back up just how accurate his “eye” is in the first place. I often comment that he doesn’t really need those systems, however it does show and support perfectly everything Ian says.

In essence, Ian manages to simplify the technical side of the game and more importantly, moves in correlation with how the industry evolves, instead of sticking with old dated techniques that simply are wrong and go against what technology now proves. I believe you can’t trust the future to people that just stay and live in the past and in that respect Ian has always been at the forefront, pioneering change and being so supportive and helpful to teachers like myself.