Bio Golf and Injury Prevention

Ian Godleman stays at the forefront of Golf teaching by working closely with some of the Worlds top specialists and in the last three years has taken several of his best players to understand more about their swings by using 3D Bio assessment.

When Justin Rose told one of Ian’s lessons that if you were serious about your golf then the 3D Bio teaching system was really a must, Ian decided to thoroughly research and buy the very best system available.

Again like with Trackman4, Ian will only use specialists that have PGA or European Tour experience and the systems that he puts his players through are the one’s widely used by nearly all the Professionals.

Ian explains “When working with better players, the data and feedback you have must be of the highest quality, creditable, accredited, certified and indeed measured properly. I will only use systems where this is the case and the 3D bio system I use with my players is the best and the most accurate in the World and used now by nearly all the top players.”

Benefits of 3D Bio Assessment

  • Segmental linear force data
  • ValuesMass / time speed versus the all important mass movement
  • Segmental influences on distance forces applied relative to pain and intrinsic values and timing
  • Peak and defining gains or losses
  • A better understanding of what you can and cannot physically achieve
  • Injury prevention (See below)
  • Segmental Focre values and force supplied by hips, body, arms, club and hands
  • Audio Bio feedback set to individuals own correct swing patterns

Using 3D Bio feedback on various students, combining with Trackman and working with Europe’s top Bio-specialist, Ian is able to present the actual hard and fast facts to back up all of his teaching theories, therefore taking all guesswork out of the game.

Bio Feedback

Injury Prevention (My Story)!

Bio-mechanics are a vital part of injury prevention and how to adapt your swing if you indeed have a serious injury. Injury prevention and how to adapt your golf swing now plays a huge part in my teachings.

Five years ago I suffered a very serious spinal injury. It left me 92% paralysed in one foot and with permanent neuropathy. Having been turned away from New Zealand hospitals with just paracetamol (I will never forgive them!), I returned to immediately to the UK two days later to be immediately operated on told I had probably the largest disc prolapse seen by the specialist in 26 years at 98% compression (see picture left). In fact I wasn’t walking and they carried me to the ward.


Picture: (Left) A spinal cord 98% compressed after disc collapse, (Right) A Radioactive Nuclear Scan.

After 7 operations including 2 Spinal fusions, 4 disectomys, a laminectomy, four screws, 2 rods, a spacer, bone graft taken from my hip and numerous epidurals and nerve block root injections I realised that many people complain of back pain when they play golf, however they don’t really know how to adapt the swing for it (Many teachers genuinely struggle to understand what to change to).

The day I left hospital I made a promise to myself to learn everything about the human spine that is possible to know and how to prevent the most common and in many ways most serious potential problems from making golf swings.

Today I look at Tiger Woods with great sadness and I see what he is going through and relate to it more than anyone. If it can happen to the greatest golfer ever (Thats Tiger not me…) then it can happen to anyone.

The Bio system goes a long way to telling us if you are really moving your body mechanically within safe ranges… and trust me thats important!