Smart2Move Force Plates

More useful than Trackman !

So many of you have first hand experienced in my lessons the untold issues and problems I have experienced for a long time with my Trackman4 unit and it seems like every week I am apologising  for my underperforming unit. So it was with complete trepidation that I trialled and eventually acquired a set of Smart2Move force plates however I can see they will long term be more beneficial than the Trackman4 unit and here is why.

As someone who has had seven spinal surgeries including two fusions, four disectomys, a laminectomy and 5 or 6 epidurals I can assure you that correct Bio- Mechanics are critical not only for good golf but also for longevity and pain free golf. In my opinion Trackman cannot help you with this however Smart2Move Dual Force plates certainly can.


Josh Geary has one of the most efficient power movements on the European Tour

Above we can see an image of PGA European Tour Professional Josh Geary who just happens to have one of the most efficient power movements per his body mass ratio on the Tour. At impact peak force before impact Josh Geary is creating more then two times his body mass in terms of vertical force and is creating positive torque at the correct time which s vital as his body will not be thrown off balance at impact which for ball striking is critical. 

Whereas Trackman would only tell you what his clubbed has done at impact, Smart2Move has effectively shown you from the ground up how the sequencing of the swing has been performed and more importantly what the player is feeling. In essence I have seen people hit great shots and achieve great numbers on Trackman4 with what is a terrible technique both for consistency and for the body. Numbers do not show this however force plates would.

Below we can see a video where it not only displays the the foot pattern of Josh Geary but also shows the centre of pressure, how open or closed this line is into impact and also the distribution of pressure front to back and left to right at any time. This data is critical to see as when watching the video if you were commenting on weight and pressure then effectively you would be guessing. what we see in the video is often not what the player is feeling.