A random selection of testimonials kindly provided by some of my clients.

Paul Way

Former Ryder Cup player and PGA & European Open Winner “I came across Ian and first worked with him over 20 years ago. His knowledge was incredible even back then. There is no doubt he is one of the very best teachers in the game of golf having coached so many players and working at the highest level for years. He’s also so approachable and has a really great attitude when working with you.”

Rachel Jennings

LET Tour Professional “Ian never actually taught me how to swing a golf club or anything to do with the angles of the swing that is now a major part of the modern game, what Ian did was sit with me for a good few hours talking me out of what I now look back on as my very darkest moment on Tour.  Ian was incredibly understanding and talked me through how to put my dark moments in a box and leave them at the hotel while I played golf (and boy did I try!). It gave me strength when…

Steve Liddell

Head Golf Professional – PGA Schloss Vornholz – Germany “I have known Ian for nearly 30 years and it has given me great pleasure to see what he has achieved. What has struck me the most is that even though he has coached some of the World’s best players he has never changed as a person. Incredibly he is very open and still helps so many of us coaches lucky enough to be around him. Ian has spent much of his time first hand with the worlds best players, best coaches, top specialists, Doctors and educators so for me just…

Dennis Sheehy

Director of Instruction for Europe – David Leadbetter Golf Academies “Ian has without doubt the finest knowledge of any teacher in England. I have worked closely with him on Tour for many years now and his knowledge is world class”

Rodney Marsh

Ex – England Football Legend “Ian these were my greatest ever golf lessons, thanks so much “

Bruce Farmer

EGTF Professional – Manor Park GC – New Zealand I was asked recently if Ian really was a world class coach. I replied that lots of World class players had come to see him so it certainly says something. I have worked with Ian at Manor Park in New Zealand and was fortunate enough to assist him at Costa Navarino resort in Greece. Ian also took me to the US Masters at Augusta this year (2015). He has completely revolutionised my own thoughts on the technical aspects of the golf swing and this has helped me so much to learn…

Martin Dewhurst

Head Golf Professional – Costa Navarino Resort Each time Ian has visited Costa Navarino he has always found time to help my game. His extensive knowledge and simple delivery of how club and body work have not only helped my own game but also aided my own coaching. Continual travelling, learning and investment in technology is why Ian is a leading golf coach.

Monia Bernado

Senior Golf Professional – PGA Pine Cliffs Resort – Algarve “I had the pleasure of working with Ian a few years ago, and today I feel blessed to have had this opportunity. I honestly learned more from Ian than I did by studying and working to get my PGA degree and it was just amazing to see him work at close quarters.” “He gives so much of himself to the student and he also gave much of his time to help me become the teacher I am today. Watching Ian train other teachers had a huge impact on my own…

Howard Clark

Six Times Ryder Cup Player & 11 Time European Tour Winner “Having worked with Ian and also watched him work on Tour with other players, I am very familiar with Ian’s very high standard of teaching. It is therefore no surprise to me that he has had so much success with a number of top European Tour players.”

Phillip Price

Ryder Cup Star and Multiple European Tour Winner “I can personally vouch for Ian’s high level of Instruction having worked so much on Tour with him including Majors like the Open. His experience working at the highest level has really helped me with my own game both on and off the Tour, just a brilliant coach.”

Elisabeth Esterl

Solheim Cup Player – 2 time LET Tour Winner “My game is coming on and I feel quite confident that things are on the way up.I have been working with Ian Godleman He also works with Nicole Gergely and in the past he worked with the great Seve Ballesteros, Steven Ames, Philip Price and several other well known players. His knowledge is vast and I feel like I am not being led in the wrong direction.”

Mark Ramsdale

Europro Touring Professional “He has so much knowledge it’s just a joke. I have worked with Ian for many years and he just keeps learning more and more and has probably forgotten more than most teachers know.”

Ed Fenwick

EGTF Teaching Professional Ian is a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of the game including putting, short game, swing, tips & tricks from the tour and even the makeup of a club or shaft, to name a few. As a professional myself I have always come out of a session having learned at least 3-5 new concepts that are thoroughly explained with past examples and proof to back them up. Ian is open and progressive which for me are qualities that are often lacking in our industry. He uniquely blends his knowledge and combines with Trackman 4 and 3D…

Yiannis Tsioukanis

Golf Operations Manager – PGA Professional Costa Navarino – Troon Golf “By far the most Professional Teacher and set up I have seen visiting our resort. After I watched Ian work on the practice ground I immediately advised my staff and our Pro’s to watch how he works and try and learn from him. Our Head Professional then had some private lessons with Ian and said he learned an incredible amount from Ian in a short space of time.”

Simon Hurd

Former European Tour Professional “I worked with Ian at the start of my golf career and even back then the knowledge, passion and understanding of the game was second to none. He has coached on the European Tour for nearly 30 years now and it is amazing to think of how many players he has worked with. Also without doubt one of the nicest and most approachable guys working in the game.”

Natasha Fink

US LPGA TOUR 1997-2002 LET 1994-2008 “I first met Ian in 2006. It was hard not to see him as he was coaching so many of the girls on Tour. I remember listening to him and also speaking to lots of the players as to what they thought of him and feedback was excellent. Looking back now it was great having someone of his stature regularly out on Tour. Ian is very approachable and has a great understanding, we became very good friends although he always displayed and maintained a high standard of professionalism and I knew deep down if…

Brian Tierney

Head Professional GC Rastenmoos/Swiss PGA “Without question the very best information and teaching knowledge I have ever come across in all my years in Switzerland. I learned so much myself talking, watching and just generally being around Ian. His willingness to help other professionals is something I fully respected and its so often missing from our game”

John Conteh

World Champion – Light Heavyweight Boxer “I improved so much and learned why I was off so track. Never knew about the rotation …. I always thought rotation was a horse running in the 2.30 at Lingfield”

Garth Paddison

Top NZ Tour Professional “I have worked closely with Ian now for the last three years and I have learned so much as he really understands a Tour players mentality and all that is currently out there. Instantly I realised he was different to anyone else that I had worked with. Its great to finally have a truly World Class golf coach in New Zealand, one that has travelled the World extensively, coached world class winners on Tour, gets it all first hand, uses Trackman4 and 3D bio systems and is amazingly bringing all that knowledge back to New Zealand….

Dr. Mark Bull

Leading 3D Golf Bio Mechanics Specialist “I have worked closely with Ian for the past five years and always been impressed with his professionalism, commitment and dedication towards a players success. However it is his openness and willingness to explore ever evolving ideas as well as work in tandem with other specialists like myself that is hugely impressive. With this approach Ian clearly wants the best for his players and thus demonstrates one of the best assets you could find in a truly world class coach.”

Martin Whittig

Ex-CEO Roland Berger Lectureship University of St. Gallen Honorary Consul of Germany for Switzerland “One of the most dedicated teachers I ever saw in my life. I could not only profit golf wise but also definitely take many inspirations from Ian for my own teachings and lectures at St. Gallen University.”

Bryce Mawhinney

NZPGA – Golf Professional “I have had the pleasure of watching and talking with Ian regarding the golf swing during the past 12 months. I have found him to be more than happy to impart his knowledge to a fellow professional coach with the same passion he does to his pupils. I am really looking forward to working with him in the future to gain more knowledge for myself about the game of golf”

John Novak

B.A. M.A. L.L.B Top Sports Mind & Performance Coach “During my 30 years of experience in elite sport with Olympic athletes and professional teams in myriad sports I have encountered a variety of coaches. Ian is undoubtedly in the top few coaches in any sport I have ever worked with during this period.He is diligent, clear, genuine caring, honest and extremely well versed in the intricacies of his sport.My professional relationship with Ian has been World Class in every sense of the term.I unreservedly trust and believe in Ian’s message and sincere intentions.He is clearly a leader in his field!”

Robert Holland

EGTF Teaching/Playing Professional “Simply the most comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of the golf swing I have met in 47 years of playing. Would highly recommend him to any individual wanting to learn golf.”

Marcus Menara

NZ Touring Professional “It is nice to work with someone who has the same philosophy of the golf swing as myself but also has the passion, knowledge and the technical tools to reinforce his beliefs. He doesn’t really need Trackman though, his eye is just as good”

Matthew Briggs

PGA European Seniors Tour Player “I went to Ian with a purpose, it was to make the Seniors Tour. I was a very good amateur and in three years Ian turned me into a successful PGA European Senior’s Tour Professional, I achieved my dream.”