Bruce Farmer

EGTF Professional – Manor Park GC – New Zealand

I was asked recently if Ian really was a world class coach. I replied that lots of World class players had come to see him so it certainly says something. I have worked with Ian at Manor Park in New Zealand and was fortunate enough to assist him at Costa Navarino resort in Greece. Ian also took me to the US Masters at Augusta this year (2015). He has completely revolutionised my own thoughts on the technical aspects of the golf swing and this has helped me so much to learn to teach better players. I had given lessons all my life, now I can coach and I know the difference. His knowledge of Trackman and Biomechanics is second to none. Ian has given me so much of his own personal time, answered all my questions and when we drink coffee(Tea) together I ask him question after question which he is always happy to answer. Ian really is an encyclopaedia of knowledge and yes, he is truly a World class golf coach.