Creating incredible feels

Recently whilst coaching on the European Tour I was extremely fortunate to pick up a pair of Prototype “Blackout” glasses, one of very few pairs worldwide. The feedback I have received from Tour professionals has been quite amazing. Players on the European, LPGA, Asian and Australasian Tours have all given me feedback and Brett Rumford, Na Yeon Choi, Tiffany Chan, Josh Geary, Gareth Paddison and Munchin Keh have been particularly helpful with what they conveyed back to me.

Short game genius Brett Rumford gave great feedback

In the last few weeks I have had a chance to try it with Tour players:- Brett Rumford, Tiffany Chan, Gareth Paddison, Josh Geary, Paige Stubbs and Michael Pearce all with different but interesting feedback.

Brett Rumford said that it gave him interesting positional feedback as it was a very different feel to just hitting with closed eyes and he felt the focus and awareness was about more on where he was Positionally in time and space.

Hong Kong’s No.1 Tiffany Chan had great comments to make

Tiffany Chan liked the fact the it gave her so much feeds back on strike and also post impact position. She said because your not following the ball you are far more aware of how your club path and face recovers into follow through.

China LPGA Tour Player. Paige Stubbs trying glasses

Paige Stubbs liked the fact that the glasses shutting off gave her a better feel and focus of ball strike. She also tried the exercise where she hit 20 foot putts and called instantly on strike whether they were long or short of target. Also additionally I asked Paige if they were straight, left or right. It gave Paige a heightened feeling of where the ball was striking the Putter face.

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