Rachel Jennings

LET Tour Professional

“Ian never actually taught me how to swing a golf club or anything to do with the angles of the swing that is now a major part of the modern game, what Ian did was sit with me for a good few hours talking me out of what I now look back on as my very darkest moment on Tour.  Ian was incredibly understanding and talked me through how to put my dark moments in a box and leave them at the hotel while I played golf (and boy did I try!). It gave me strength when I most needed it.

His advice, knowledge and passion of the game of golf really shone through during that talk. Ian explained how good a golfer I was (he considered me the best female ball striker he had seen), however he calmly spoke about having balance and a mentality also stating there was more to life than golf!

Not only has Ian got fantastic knowledge of the game he will also be classed to this day as a true friend of mine for being there when I just wanted it all to end. Thank you Ian from the very bottom of my heart x”