Natasha Fink

US LPGA TOUR 1997-2002 LET 1994-2008

“I first met Ian in 2006. It was hard not to see him as he was coaching so many of the girls on Tour. I remember listening to him and also speaking to lots of the players as to what they thought of him and feedback was excellent. Looking back now it was great having someone of his stature regularly out on Tour.

Ian is very approachable and has a great understanding, we became very good friends although he always displayed and maintained a high standard of professionalism and I knew deep down if I ever had a problem with my golf, he would be there for me. We would often listen to his many wonderful stories of the Men’s Tour with wide open ears. What I personally liked most about Ian was that he never forced anything on you as some other teachers often did. He really respected what you were doing and what got you to the top in the first place. That is why I feel he commanded huge respect on our Tour from so many of our top players.”