Trackman 4 – Factual Data

TrackMan 4’s dual radar is cutting-edge analysis, practice, and benchmarking tools are revolutionizing the teaching industry. Create engaging training programs, access detailed swing analysis information, and work smarter with TrackMan’s automated online storage and sharing platform. This is achieved by running matrix algorithms which allows Trackman users to recieve ongoing feedback associated to their swing.

I was at the Open Championship at Hoylake last year. On the practice ground I stopped counting when I got past 30 players using Trackman, at this stage I had not seen a flightscope or a GC2 on the range. I guess it speaks volumes for the trust the best players in the World put in getting data and feedback that is so accurate its almost scary.


In fact it has taken teaching and learning to a completely different level and has virtually taken the “Subjective opinion” of the teacher out of the equation and has produced hard, fast, quantitative and qualitative data that is factual. Progress and changing has never been so quick or so easy and the work we are now producing is almost instant… So why would you ever want to guess?

Trackman will instantly give you the exact path of your club, the face angle, angle of attack and the “D plane” spin axis as for years on Tour now we have known there is no such thing as sidespin on a ball !!

I would never consider teaching a top or aspiring top player without knowing what is happening and the advancement in learning means that even the best video camera (which I have) is still only giving you a 2 dimensional picture and one that covers many of the all important aspects. Trackman is a powerful tool but it still needs someone with immense knowledge to then implement the correct changes, and its fun working with numbers when you know your math’s!

So if you are really serious about leaving the old fashioned ways behind and learning how impact can control your motion instead of motion controlling impact then you need to book a Trackman session…now.


How Trackman Works

It’s basically microwaves reflecting from the movement of a golf club head and the resulting ball flight. The change in frequency of these receiving waves is what makes it possible for us to track what happens at the very moment of impact between club and ball. TrackMan has a long track record of working with radar technology equipment and was established in 2003 with the sole purpose of helping golf professionals understand more about this critical moment of impact. The TrackMan radar not only helps map these key data parameters – golf swing and ball speed, attack angle, club and path, etc. – it also captures the golf swing with an inbuilt video camera. Radar technology (also called a portable golf launch monitor or a swing analyzer) is an integral part of golf instruction today, whether it’s used for golf swing lessons, analysis or club fitting.

The radar is suited to be used by professional trainers, coaches and players as well as golf beginners, as the software app offers games and golf swing drills. The radar can be used outdoors as well as indoor in a golf simulator environment.