Amateur Swing Videos

—– Amateur Lessons ——

The web is amass with Videos of Teaching Pros advising you with a myriad of subjects about what you should and should not do. Often it confuses me so I am not sure what it quite does for the average amateuer golfer. I often question this wisdom and approach as is the advice you are watching really what you need to be working on ?

I want to take a different approach. Yes you can watch the videos of the Professionals I have coached, however do you really have Seve’s ability or Paul Ways flexibility or Stephen Ames’s talent, maybe not.

Here are some of the very good amateurs I coach ranging from +5 (plus 5) to 6 Handicap range. In time I will be adding higher handicappers.

That’s why I feel you may learn more from real life (unscripted) videos from real lessons. If you can’t copy the Pro’s and not many can then you may be able to learn more from Golfers that struggle with more obvious faults that you can relate to.