Steve Liddell

Head Golf Professional – PGA

Schloss Vornholz – Germany

“I have known Ian for nearly 30 years and it has given me great pleasure to see what he has achieved. What has struck me the most is that even though he has coached some of the World’s best players he has never changed as a person. Incredibly he is very open and still helps so many of us coaches lucky enough to be around him. Ian has spent much of his time first hand with the worlds best players, best coaches, top specialists, Doctors and educators so for me just having access and being around him has been an education in itself”

“My own daughter Fiona, is one of Europe’s (and US) top players playing off +4.4 at Bayla University in Texas. It says everything about Ian that I still seek his opinion and send him Swings of Fiona to advise on. In fact Ian is one of only three or four teachers Worldwide that I would let anywhere near Fiona’s golf swing”