Ian Godleman

Ian Godleman is regarded as one of the very best teaching professionals. With a Worldwide reputation for working at the very highest level on Tour he is still to this day just as passionate about bringing through youngsters and improvers as he is working with a Touring professional.

What sets Ian apart from others is a flexibility and an approach that is genuinely tailored to the specific needs of that golfer. There never is and never has been a “one size fits all template” as Ian states not everyone will fit a system!


It is his experience of teaching in different countries Worldwide and dealing with different cultures as well as conditions and Tournament preparation with every level of golfer that instantly strikes you as unique. He has been involved in helping, coaching and assisting with the coaching of many Tournament professionals and in this time has attended some of the very best events like the US Masters at Augusta, The Open, The World Cup of Golf, Dubai Masters and many others.

Finally with the use of Trackman 4, Smart2Move, Hack Motion, Capto and Sensusport, Ian is also able to take any element of guesswork or personal opinion out of teaching and give you the absolute facts, coupled with his vast knowledge of coaching the best players to play the game, this is truly a unique combination.

As he says himself, “If you genuinely want to be a Tour Pro the work you put in as am amateur is crucial to your outcome and you only get one chance at it. I believe that if you are really serious about your golf then you are seriously disadvantaging yourself by not working with these systems and the factual data they deliver. They speed up the learning process. Also having someone who really knows the data ‘inside out’ that these systems provide, is critical. You only have to look at every Tour practice ground to see what they are now doing and using now.