Garth Paddison

Top NZ Tour Professional

“I have worked closely with Ian now for the last three years and I have learned so much as he really understands a Tour players mentality and all that is currently out there. Instantly I realised he was different to anyone else that I had worked with. Its great to finally have a truly World Class golf coach in New Zealand, one that has travelled the World extensively, coached world class winners on Tour, gets it all first hand, uses Trackman4 and 3D bio systems and is amazingly bringing all that knowledge back to New Zealand. More unique is how flexible Ian’s approach is and there is no rigid one size fits all method or system approach, just a huge knowledge base that he draws from. His approach is so different to what many of us have been used to and in that respect its very refreshing. I truly believe it will be a huge long term benefit to myself and to the future of New Zealand Golfers wanting and waiting to play Tour golf.”