Nicole Gergely

French Open Winner 2009

Nicole Gergely came to me in 2011 because her game started to become inconsistent. She turned Pro in 2005 and by 2009 she had become a solid performer on the Ladies European Tour with a spectacular win at the 2009 French Open at Arras cementing her position as Austria’s No.1 female golfer.

We worked a lot on the backswing and tried to get the club up and down the line more. We also tried to hit a safer “fade” shot as she was long enough in the first place to not have to hit it right to left.

Nicole was brilliant to work with, worked exceptionally hard on her game and when she hit form she was a superb ball striker.

Also one of the very nicest and most genuine girls I have ever met on Tour and it was a real pleasure not only to teach her but actually count her as a good friend. Nicole Gergely is a real class act.