The Golf Robot

If Trackman 4 and 3D Bio system are like X-rays and MRI scans then surely the Golf robot is like at Spec’t Nuclear CT scan, it is simply amazing.

My philosophy has always been to use a blend of my own teaching knowledge coupled with all the available technical systems effectively meaning that you don’t just have a subjective coach opinion. If its available and gives us hard and fast factual data, then why wouldn’t a coach use it!

This week (14/7/16) I had the privilege of going on Europe’s only Golf Robot. I have to say being a Trackman 4 / 3D bio advocate I was still extremely sceptical as to what the robot could bring to the table, well I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Effectively you can learn to swing like anyone in the World. Tiger, Rory, Jason, Phil or Henrik, the choice is yours. However if you k ow what works for you or what makes you hit your best shots then you can programme your own perfect swing into the robot for safe keeping.

When things start to go off track with your golf then you can simply go back on the robot and it will instantly give you the perfect swing moves (and feels) for you to get back to where you was, its virtually instant.

I had a couple of key moves that I myself work on when I hit my best shots. I programmed these moves into the robot and then started to swing. Incredibly it gave me two completely different feels to what i would have worked on, yet when I reviewed the swing after it looked completely different to how I felt it. This proves the old “Tour” saying that “Feel doesn’t equal Real.”

I spent just 30 minutes on the robot, however I can tell you I feel like I changed some moves that may have taken me weeks to complete, maybe longer.

So in an ever changing world of golf, I believe if these systems are available then I really have to learn,know, research and actually try them out to see just what they can do. Trackman4 is a must for factual feedback, the Bio learning is critical for injury prevention, however the Golf robot is most certainly the future of golf learning.