Bio Explained

Read Ian’s thoughts on the 3D Bio-System that he uses and why it is the most advanced system available.

See why most of the World’s top players are taking advantage of what it can tell you.

The most advanced Bio-System in Golf

“Accurate to 3/100 of and inch and 1/6 of a degree, giving real time feedback and quantitive information”. When Justin Rose recently told one of my lessons who is a Pro that this system is “A must have to use for the serious golfer” then that made my mind up to finally take the plunge to get it. I have been closely involved in using the system for over three years now and could see it’s benefits however last year I decided to buy Trackman4. To say Trackman4 has helped people would be a huge understatement however I feel the 3D Bio system now completes the picture. I put a tremendous amount of time and research into the various systems and softwares looking at Body-track, K-Vest, Swing Catalyst and other systems however there seemed to be limitations and drawbacks with every system.  Then on the eve of last years Open at St Andrews, I had a very long talk with PGA European Tour Trackman player liaison representative, James Martin. James told me that the Bull3D bio-system was by far the best and most accurate data collection system out there and the only one the top players on Tour trusted. He explained…