Gareth Paddison

Top NZ Touring Professional

I first stated working with Gareth in December last year (2014) and instantly we gelled. He has a very open approach and sounded quite surprised that I would communicate so easily with his Aussie coach the brilliant Dennis Mcdade (Marc Leishmans coach).

Gareth has to be amongst the very hardest working Pro I have seen and he eats, gyms and does the whole thing like the great professional he is. I think he is a fantastic role model of how to conduct yourself on and off the course.

Technically Gareth has improved heaps in the last nine months and from his perspective he has really started to understand and start to “own” his own swing. In the past I get the impression that he was not really addressing the main issues in his swing and rather treading around them.

I went in and really looked at the nuts and bolts of his swing and in Australia Dennis was delighted that I saw it virtually identical to how he did.

Slowly but surely Gareth is getting back on track and has had 3 great opportunites to Win on Tour this year. I am sure 2016 will be the year that Gareth fulfils his potential, as no one player deserves it more.

Ian Coaching Gareth

Here you can see a clip of a recent lesson of Gareth working on his swing.