Jessica Ji

Korean LET Tour Professional

If ever there was a nicer girl on Tour than Jessica then I haven’t seen her. Jessica was the first real Korean Professional I had ever coached and what made it difficult was the fact that she hardly spoke any English and her mother actually spoke none.

Jessica really worked hard with me for a long time and slowly but surely became a lot more confident in her game and in herself. Not a long hitter however very straight and she possessed a great game from 100 yards in and a silky smooth putting stroke to match.

Even when Jessica went back to Korea she would often send me her swing on whatsapp via her IPhone. I would look at her swing and whilst she was still practising I would get back to her and she would continue practising the right things. With Jessica a ‘new system’ was born, one that many professionals use with me today to keep on track during their and my travels.


What impressed me most about Jessica was her calmness and persona on the course. A lot of people could really learn from watching players like Jessica and how they react under pressure. Her calmness actually rubbed off on me and I look back fondly at the times we spent walking and talking around the fairways of the Ladies European Tour.