David Addison

Greatest Ever Ball Striker

It must be said I have been very lucky to coach, work and help with some of the most amazing ball strikers ever to play the game of golf. Seve Ballesteros, David Frost, Howard Clark, Vijay Singh and Ian Woosnam all impressed me when I was with them.

I am often asked who is the best striker of a golf ball I have ever coached and to this day the answer is David Addison. An amateur golfer from Parasampia in England. The first time I met David he was confident, in fact supremely confident that he could hit every shot in the book. And you know what he actually could. He then gave me the greatest demonstration of varied bunker play that I had seen since being with Seve Ballesteros.

I would say David’s ball striking was equal to that of Howard Clark (very best ball striker as as Tour Pro). Below is a video of when I worked with David. If you have good volume on your PC or mobile, turn it up as you will not hear a better sound than this below.

I really enjoyed my five years with David as when he was in the US he worked with the great Ben Doyle in California. David and I would discuss golf technique until the cows came home! To this day I still don’t think I have coached a more impressive ball striker than David and its no exaggeration to say he probably only ever mis-timed three or four shots a year, if even that.