Per-Ulrik Johansson

6 Tour Wins & 2 Ryder Cups

Per-Ulrik Johansson had the most perfect golf swing I ever saw. It was a privilege to stand behind him and watch him hit ball after ball. The biggest compliment I can pay him is he was the closest thing to a robot I have ever seen. Per-Ulrik went to Arizona College with Phil Mickelson and the two are great mates. Ironically in 1995 at the Ryder Cup the two played against each other.

I had the chance to work with Per when he was working closely with Denis Sheehy. Den asked me to look after Per as he had other players to look at that week and It was the English Open at the Belfry. He was having issues with his grip and his normally arrow straight driving was slightly off.

Previously I had followed Per in 1997 at Kiawah Island in the World Cup when he shot an incredible 64 at The Ocean Course. I remember thinking then it was probably the best round of golf I had ever seen on an absolute brute of a course. I knew then that Per Ulrik was the real deal.

Per was brilliant to work with and never said much. I always had the impression he had ice running through his veins, he was that cool and calm however make no mistake it is my idea of the golf swing and If you can swing the club like Per Ulrik, then you too will hit untold perfect shots!