John Hawksworth

PGA European Tour 1986-2000

Along with Stephen Ames, John Hawksworth is the funniest player I have ever worked with. Joke after joke and witty beyond belief, it is little wonder “Hawky” has gone on to be a TV commentator and a great after dinner speaker. He is also the best pool player I have ever played against.


Trophy as he is affectionately known (When his hair was short his ears stuck out a bit) was very serious when it came down to hard work on the practice ground and the measure of his ability is that he played for 14 years on the European Tour.

I remember well working with him and he really did understand his swing technically and even when he was fighting to keep his card you could see the determination he had to get his swing right, John had a lot of self belief in his own game and as well as being super funny he had a very serious side to him as well.

His favourite saying to me was “Ian, did you see that little Gentleman’s persuader I hit out there” meaning fader (Fade shot) and once he ran into the clubhouse after hitting 5 under on the back nine in the Portuguese Open to yell at the top of his voice “Ian did you see that…..”

Great pool player, brilliant joke teller, eloquent and funny after dinner speaker, my favourite commentator and also a great golfer, that’s John Hawksworth.