Simon Hurd

European Tour Professional

Simon Hurd is no question the most confident player I have ever coached. Confident in his own game, confident as a person and if you spend time with him you start realise it is definitely not a front. In fact Simon Hurd probably has more self-belief than any other golfer on the planet.

I realised very quickly that Simon had talent and ability, however what struck me was a great inner determination to get to the top and nothing would stop him. A good practiser and great to be around, he was always willing to help younger “would be” Professionals and I really liked that in Simon, it is a quality missing in many today.


One day we were working on the range and Simon said “Godley lets go into the bunker and see what you are made of.” At the time I was known for my bunker game and felt pretty good accepting Simons challenge.

What played out after can only be described as the most esquisite and most impressive bunker display I had ever seen as Simon proceeded to name shot after shot and there execute them perfectly one after the other. I stood in awe and realised that not only was Simon supremely confident in his game, he undoubtedly had the ability to pull off all the shots.

Now carving an incredible business out for himself with DRUH belts, I still to this day remember that lesson he actually gave me and still count Simon as a good friend.