Technology in golf, as in the rest of the world, is always changing. This page encompasses a range of technologies I use, recommend or wish to express some thoughts about.

The Golf Robot

If Trackman 4 and 3D Bio system are like X-rays and MRI scans then surely the Golf robot is like at Spec't Nuclear CT scan, it is simply…

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Trackman 4 – My Thoughts

Well it just got better and a whole lot easier. So many people ask me what the benefits of going on Trackman are and I have to say its a hard…

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The most advanced Bio-System in Golf

"Accurate to 3/100 of and inch and 1/6 of a degree, giving real time feedback and quantitive information". When Justin Rose recently told one of…

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Bio Explained

Read Ian's thoughts on the 3D Bio-System that he uses and why it is the most advanced system available. See why most of the World's top players…

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How Trackman 4 Works

Trackman 4 is a dual radar which basically works like a microwave, reflecting waves from the movement of a golf club head and the resulting ball…

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